Road trip Essentials: Everything you Need for the Perfect Road trip

Nothing can compare to a good road trip, being outdoors, singing along to your favourite songs, and having the freedom to get to your destination at your own pace. Now more than ever, road trips are more ideal. You can travel in a group and you can take COVID precautions as best as you see fit. Road trips also open you up to local destinations and if you have the time, they can open you up to discovering destinations off the beaten track. If you are looking to go on a road trip, here are some getaway ideas. Enough talk, here are some essential items that you need before going on your road trip.

Self-driving is ideal because of the convenience and comfort however you can always use public transport. Do not limit yourself to owning a vehicle, you can hire a car (and a driver) for a set number of days or hours and still have an amazing experience.

If your accommodation of choice is self-catering/camping, you need to carry extras in addition to the things listed above. Find out if your accommodation has basic kitchen supplies, this will let you know whether to carry utensils and a cooker in addition to groceries and drinks.

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